Hidden Fence Surge Protector – SPK10

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Signal Circuit Protection for DogWatch Hidden Fence systems.

Hidden Fence brand® offers the SPK10 surge and lightning protection for all professional dog fence containment system products*.

All electric dog fence systems should have external surge protection to earth the system properly and protect it from outside surge sources. Our SPK10 TII Industries, inc. surge protectors have been used exclusively by DogWatch, inc. for over 20 years to protect their professional grade dog fence systems.

Investigate all brands of dog fence containment systems to see whether or not they have “earthed” surge protection. If not, the system is an antenna for problems. ONLY the SPK10 surge protection offered by Hidden Fence brand® will protect your investment of keeping your pet safe.

  • Electronic Dog Fence systems or Electronic pet containment invisible fence products all act as radio antennae on properties. Since electronic dog fencing surround a perimeter, dog fencing need to be earthed properly to prevent damage.
  • Pet containment systems most closely resemble a phone line system entering a house.
  • DogWatch Hidden Fence systems follow Telstra design principle of using aTWO-STEP PROTECTION SYSTEM.
  • System meets USA (FCC), Europe (CE), Japan (VCCI) and Australian standards for EMC emissions and immunity.
  • Power supply and surge protector are UL approved.
  • DogWatch Hidden Fence Systems uses a two-step lightning protection design recommended by telecommunications industry and lightning protection companies. (ONLY BRAND IN AUSTRALIA WITH UL APPROVED RATING)
  • Primary Protector: Bypasses surges from outside wiring (loop).
  • Secondary Protection: bypasses smaller remaining surges to ground via house wiring.
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