What Is A Hidden Fence?

DogWatch Hidden Fence

The Hidden Fence is a patented pet containment system that uses FM Digital radio signals and correction training to keep your dog within a designated boundary.

How Does it Work?

A buried wire carries a harmless FM Digital radio signal around a designated safe area. Your pet wears a small receiver on a dog shock collar that signals

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How Hidden Fences Work


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Electric Dog Fence

If you are looking for an electric dog fence to keep your dog/s safe at home, you have come to the right place.

Electric dog fences are a safe and efficient way to let your beloved dog/s roam freely around your property – without them getting into trouble by venturing too far away. The technology is pretty fancy, but the concept is relatively simple. A boundary wire is placed around your property – or a section of it, like a house paddock, – and your dog wears a lightweight and waterproof receiver collar. When the dog approaches close to the boundary, the collar will make a warning tone.

If the warning tone is ignored, the collar will emit an electrical stimulation to prevent your pet from crossing the line. Don’t worry about repeatedly harming your dog, though. The electronic stimulation is not an ‘electric shock’, but is instead a TENS (Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) signal which is uncomfortable enough to deter them but does not harm your dog.


Invisible Fence

Dogs can be good escape artists, especially the smart ones. Put up a traditional fence and they will often dig under it, jump over it or push through it to escape to places that they shouldn’t be.

That is why an invisible fence or hidden fence just works. There’s no digging under – and no going over, no going through. Your dog is safely and securely contained within a designated boundary, even if that boundary is invisible to the naked eye.

The dog’s receiver collar will always know where the invisible fence is – and therefore your dog will, too. Some flags will be used during initial training to further help your dog recognise and learn where the boundary sits. After a short time, the fence will be pretty much invisible.

Hidden Fence

Traditional fences on a property can be expensive to install – and in some cases an eyesore. Besides, many will not prevent a determined dog from escaping anyway.

This is why a hidden fence is a great option. Not only can you maintain uninterrupted views with a Hidden Fence, but you can also keep your dog out of trouble and out of harm’s way.

Depending on the size of your property, a Hidden Fence can be installed around your entire property or just around a smaller area (like a house paddock on acreage), closer to your home – it’s entirely up to you. The only one who will know about your Hidden Fence is you and your dog.  

Visitors will be amazed and how well behaved your dog is.

Hidden Dog Fence

If you are ready to join thousands of Australians in enjoying the many benefits of a Hidden Dog Fence, talk to us for a quote at Hidden Fence Central Coast & Hunter.

We offer DIY kits in our online store, or we can fully install a new dog fence for you. Our packages for different sized properties are all outlined on our Packages page.

We sell and install the industry-leading DogWatch Hidden Fence products, which have the fastest and most accurate reception in the market and are internationally supported, professional-grade systems.  They offer the best warranties in the industry as well. Once you experience the benefits of a Hidden Dog Fence, you’ll wonder how you lived without one.

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