R7M Dog Watch Hidden Fence Receiver Collar

Training a dog is hard work. Sure, it might be easy to teach your pup to sit, stay and rollover… but what about the most important parts of training? Like ‘don’t go running onto the road’ or ‘don’t dig up my veggie patch’?

Well, these instinctive habits are less easy to iron out of your dog. That’s where a dog containment collar is a total gamechanger.

At Hidden Fence, we’re proud to have one of the best dog containment collar systems in Australia. Our system not only corrects bad behaviours in your dog, but it also keeps them safe from escaping from your property and being harmed.

Let’s discuss Hidden Fence Central Coast and Hunter’s containment collar: the best containment collar in Australia!

What is the difference between a dog containment collar and a dog training collar?

A dog training collar is a device that aids to trains a specific behaviour out of your dog. Some training collars are used to correct behaviour such as jumping on people or climbing onto furniture. Our remote training collars do a wonderful job in conjunction to you giving verbal commands during a training session. 

However a far more important matters than this – namely, creating a clear property boundary for your dog when a physical fence isn’t keeping them contained is a Hidden Fence Containment collar.   

How does Hidden Fence’s dog containment collar work?

Hidden Fence offers a unique DogWatch® containment collar which works by sending an audio tone when your dog approaches the invisible fence around your property. Should they continue (unlikely with basic training), a electronic stimulation will be applied to correct their behaviour and the dog when trained will return to the safety of its home.  In the old days, these training collars were harmful and have since been banned in Australia. Thankfully, new Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS) technology allows corrections to be made without any harm to your beloved pup.

What is TENS technology?

TENS technology is a correction technology used by DogWatch® electronic dog collars which artificially stimulates nerves and sensory receptors. Our training collars have only 1 millijoule of stored discharge energy, which produces a tingling sensation. The amount of electronic stimulation used can also be adjusted to suit your dog’s size and temperament.

Why is our containment system the best in Australia?

We believe our collars and containment system is the best in the world. Here’s why:

  • Warning tones are produced before correction
    Once a dog is trained using our technology, it basically never requires an electronic stimulation. This is because when your pet gets close to the boundary (between 300mm – 2m of the wire, a distance that is adjustable on your transmitter), an audible warning tone will sound to remind them not to cross. This is greatly effective in deterring dogs from crossing boundaries without a stimulation.
  • Lifesaving results
    Our e-collar system has been proven to save the lives of beloved pets, especially where traffic is a prominent hazard. 
  • Reliable technology
    Our technology and hardware is built for Australian conditions, proving reliable and dependable with long warranties to back our claims. 

Invest in Australia’s best dog containment system and training collar today. Hidden Fence Central Coast and Hunter is passionate about creating a safer world for dogs everywhere. Get in touch with our team for a quote.

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