Investing in our dogs can mean lots of different things. It can mean buying them that adorable jacket as the months get colder, or consistently training them with patience and care.

But investing in their safety? Most pet owners agree, there’s no price on that.

One of the best ways to keep dogs safe is to install an invisible dog fence – a solution that’s suitable for all kinds of properties. Here, we’ll answer the question of how much it costs on average to install an invisible dog fence:

What is an invisible dog fence?

Ah, yes. That’s probably a good place to start. The DogWatch Hidden Fence is a dog containment system. It uses radio signals to create a virtual boundary around your property, preventing your dog from crossing the invisible dog fence. You can read more about the DogWatch Hidden Fence here.

The different layouts for invisible dog fences

The average cost of an invisible dog fence greatly depends on the layout required for your property. Just like any other physical fence, the larger and more complex your property is, the more materials you need and more time,  the more it’ll cost. The same goes for invisible dog fences:

  • Suburban blocks up to 800sqm
    Invisible dog fences for suburban 800sqm blocks are most affordable, since they’re the smallest option we offer. This package includes a receiver collar, FM T1200 digital transmitter, professional installation, a 3-year warranty on electronic equipment and much more. Prices start at $1315.
  • Up to 1 acre
    Need something a little bigger? Our 1-acre package might fulfil your needs. Including a more powerful FM PT4 Transmitter and pro grade receiver collar, as well as a 5-year warranty on electronic equipment, this package starts at $1625.
  • Up to 5 acres
    And for large properties up to 5 acres, this package includes all our best quality gear and warranties, as well as a 1-year money-back pet containment guarantee, showing how confident we are in our product. 5-acre packages start at $2385.

So, what’s the average cost of an invisible dog fence?

Our Hidden Fence packages cost anywhere between from $1315 to $2385 and over, and this all depends on the size of package your property requires.  You can read more about the average cost of invisible dog fences by checking out our full list of offered packages here.

There’s no price on the safety of your beloved dog. That’s why all our packages offered at Hidden Fence are a bargain, especially when compared to traditional fencing! We’re trusted installers of the patented DogWatch Hidden Fence containment system, keeping your dog safe and sound. Offering professional-grade systems, Hidden Fence Central Coast and Hunter provides installed and DIY options, delivering outstanding customer services and a solution that’s perfect for you. Give us a call for a quote today!

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