Our dogs aren’t just our pets. They’re our family. And like a child, we’d do anything to protect our furry family members.

But for many of us, it’s just not possible to put up a physical fence around our property. Whether you’re living rurally, enjoy a waterfront view, or have a yard that’s too big for a traditional fence, this can present a problem for dog owners in terms of fencing.

And that’s where the Hidden Fence is the ideal solution for homes like yours. Let’s explain the magic of the Hidden Fence and how to choose the right Hidden Fence for your dog:

What is the DogWatch Hidden Fence?

The DogWatch Hidden Fence is a dog containment system. It uses radio signals to create a virtual boundary around your property, preventing your dog from crossing the Hidden Fence. You can read more about the DogWatch Hidden Fence here.

Choosing the right Hidden Fence for your dog

Got the peace and quiet of a country acreage? The serenity of a beachfront home? A creek flowing through your backyard? Hidden Fence Central Coast and Hunter have the perfect Hidden Fence solution for you:

  • Traditional Dog Fence
    A simple configuration which covers the entire boundary of your property. This fence is suited for pups who enjoy a run around in both the front and backyard.
  • Traditional Dog Fence with Dam Exclusion
    Got a dam or creek running through your property? We can install a Traditional Dog Fence with one or more exclusion zones, giving you peace of mind that your dog is safe.
  • Backyard Only Dog Fence
    If your dog is backyard-only dog, we can install a fence that keeps them happy and safe in the backyard.
  • Backyard Only Dog Fence with Garden Loop
    Is your naughty pup prone to running amok in the veggie garden? We can create an exclusion zone around your garden bed or pool to minimise the hassle.
  • Backyard Only Dog Fence with Front Protection
    This solution is perfect for yards that are fenced at the back but need containment at the front, ensuring your pawfect pal can’t wander down the street if the fence is left open.
  • One-Sided System or Canal-Style Block
    There’s nothing better than a waterfront view. We can help your property keep its view by installing a Hidden Fence which runs along the waterfront, maintaining property value and keeping your pup safe too.

Still need some help choosing the ultimate Hidden Fence for you? Get in touch with the team at Hidden Fence Central Coast and Hunter. We’re trusted installers of the patented DogWatch Hidden Fence containment system, keeping your dog safe and sound with or without necessarily having to install a physical fence. Offering professional-grade systems, Hidden Fence Central Coast and Hunter provides installed and DIY options, delivering outstanding customer services and a solution that’s perfect for you. Give us a call for a quote today on 0402 993 464.

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