Most dogs are talented artists. Nope, not the Pablo Picasso type of artist… unless you count painting your freshly-cleaned kitchen tiles with muddy little pawprints.

They’re escape artists. From squeezing through tiny gaps in the fence to mastering the art of opening doors, we’ve seen all kinds of crazy yet genius escapes from clever and cunning pups.

But that’s where Hidden Fence Central Coast and Hunter enters the picture to keep your HoundiniDog safe and secure. Here’s how our professional hidden dog fences can keep your pooch fully secure on your property at all times:

Hidden Fences prevent your dog from escaping

Ah, yes. The great escape. One minute your pup is happily playing in the garden, the next minute it vanishes and you’re getting phone calls from the neighbours. Hidden Fences prevent your dog from escaping your property, potentially harming itself or going missing. Hidden Fences involve training your dog not to cross the border, outlined by temporary white flags, detecting movement near the border and making an audible warning tone, and if ignored emitting an electrical stimulation to prevent your pet from crossing.

Protecting your dog from road accidents

Dogs and cars don’t mix. Road accidents certainly aren’t a nice thing to think about, and Hidden Fences allow you to have total piece of mind, never worrying about road accidents ever again. Whether you live on a busy thoroughfare or a quiet street, a Hidden Fence can prevent the risk of road accidents due to an escaped pup.

Protecting passers-by and preventing incidents

For small and large dogs alike, they’re territorial creatures. Dogs are just doing their job when barking at passers-by and strangers on your property. However, no pet owner wants their dog to attack or bite a passer-by.

A Hidden Fence protects passers-by and prevents incidents by keeping your dog firmly within its boundaries. This also works to protect your dog in the long run, as incidents such as bites can sadly lead to dogs being considered dangerous and put down.

Protecting wildlife

On top of protecting your dog and other people, a Hidden Fence will also protect local wildlife – particularly native birds and critters who are vulnerable to dog attacks. A Hidden Fence limits the extent to which your dog can chase native wildlife, reducing its chance of successfully killing poor native birds.

Every pet owner wants to keep their dog safe and secure. Protect your precious pooch thanks to Hidden Fence Central Coast and Hunter. Our professionally-installed and DIY options for Hidden Fences are the best way to protect your dog without putting up unsightly or expensive fences. These industry-leading fences are a reliable way to keep your dog, your neighbours and the local wildlife safe.

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